Cross Ice

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Cross Ice Starts October 2, 2018

Season: October 2, 2018 - March 16th, 2019

Griff's Georgetown



How To Get Started in Hockey

Ice Programs offered at Griff's Georgetown

Learn to Skate
ages 4+

The skills learned in our lessons are for ages 4 & up. Your child will receive 50 minutes of instruction each week. All skaters MUST wear a helmet (hockey or bike). Dress accordingly, wear gloves. Wear only ONE pair of thin socks (you want the skates to fit). The focus and goal of our Learn to Skate curriculums are designed to teach beginner hockey players the fundamentals of skating.

We will teach how to balance, bend, march forward, stride, how to get back up off the ice, agility, glide and more. Our job is to get your child comfortable on the ice. We will run stations on the ice for the skaters to rotate through during instruction.

Intro to hockey
ages 4+

This program is the second step of the youth hockey player development process at Griff's Georgetown. Your child will receive 50 minutes of instruction each week. Open to ages 4-9.

Participants will enjoy learning and improving their skating and puck handling skills through challenging drills and on-ice games. Participants will be separated by ability in order for each participant to feel comfortable and challenged. Instruction will be high tempo, positive, and suited to the skill level of each player. Our instructors include Griff's Georgetown Hockey Director and other experienced hockey coaches.

Cross Ice

Cross-ice is the third step in the progression here at Griff's Georgetown to becoming a productive hockey player with Grand Valley Amateur Hockey Association. The cross-ice program skates two times per week, Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. This program runs from October through March  and includes 1-3 Cross-ice jamborees and or association exchanges. “Game Day” Saturdays will start in early December.

The American Development Model (ADM) provides age-appropriate guidelines and curriculum to hockey associations across America to help more kids play, love and excel in hockey. Instruction includes: Skating (forward & backward), Balance, Agility, Striding, Power Turning, “Edge” Awareness, Control Crossovers, Puck Handling, Passing, Shooting, and Fun Games